Wedding gift

A friend of the family got married in July and my parents were invited to the wedding. They weren’t able to go but they were invited to a dinner later instead. Mum asked me to help out with the present, three fine bottle of wine with three different time frames (they are to be opened in one, five and ten years). I got the wine and made three tags in like no time at all. The tags are made in the shape of a tie (thought it was suitable since they are both men) and used the colors of the wine bottles.

Vinflaska 2010 Vinflaska 2024 Vinflaska 2019

Since I had a photo of the wedding, I thought it would be nice for them to remember how young (well, in comparison) and innocent they looked back then when they drink it in ten years… LOL! It’s one hurried work, but the happy couple liked it so I guess it’s ok.

Well, this is a timed post so keep your fingers crossed I made it work. I think I’m a fairly competent woman, but geeesh, sometimes I simply freak out on the computer stuff.


anna said...

Vad fina de blev!!!!!!!! Hälsa modern:-)

maritha.wilen said...

Presenten blev mycket uppskattad,
det var så roligt ge för den var både personlig och annorlunda. Har ju tur som får så mycket hjälp av min duktiga dotter.

Steph said...

how awesome is this?! what a great idea to celebrate for many years to come...and I love the photo idea, what a great gift! I'm sure they loved it :)

aunt25 said...

totally love this idea!