Wishing for some Christmas Magic

We got bad news yesterday. My SIL, 29 weeks pregnant, turned very, very ill and was instantly hospitalized. It was a close call and as I write, I’m waiting for some news about how it all turned out with mother and child after emergency c-section this afternoon. I’m wishing for some Christmas Magic for them, a smooth recovery and a healthy baby boy.

I still have some Christmas preparations to do. Tonight I’ll be cooking and baking cookies. And wrap the last presents. It’s good to be occupied. Late yesterday night, when waiting for more news I was making a last minute card for our secretary. The 365 cards challenge – to make a wreath - was PERFECT for me with all the small items to glue together keeping my mind off thinking. And I like how it turned out. Sorry for bad photo – I had to bring it to work and sneak out to take it to get some daylight.God Jul MonicaTake care!



Lisa-olsi said...

Jättefint julkort, så söt krans.
Sedan vill jag säga TACK så himla mycket för det underbara julkortet jag fick idag. En glad överraskning.
Tack söta Tesa!
Kramar i massor till dig.

Teresa Abajo said...

Oh my Tesa, I hope it all works out for your sister in law and baby nephew.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card, and you and your family will be in my thoughts today!!

li-bee-ti said...

Oh, Tesa! I hope everything turned out well for your sil and her baby.
I can perfectly understand you about wanting to be super accupied, so your mind is distructed.
A big hug!

and your card is beautiful!

Marry Christmas you and your family. May peace, joy and good health be your blessings.

Rose said...

tesa this is a perfect werath card! luv the cute little guy holding the sign :) i see in the next post that your nephew was born and is doing well, praise God! how is your SIL?

Shelly Schmidt said...

Gorgeous card! I just may have to Case this one......!

Michelle B. AKA JustPaintingAround said...

Oh my .... close call. Looks like he's gonna be fine (man is he cute!). I love your wreath and that little peeking elf! This is a wonderful design. Merry Christmas!

Goblinf said...

That's a beautiful wreath. Hope your SIL & nearest & dearest are continuing to keep well.