My Hubby – a PhD!

Blommor 1

We had the most awesome day this Friday. My Hubby defended his dissertation in a great constructive discussion and got fantastic wordings about his research. I am so proud!!! We celebrated with a party that night with family, friends and colleagues. A new phase in the family has started! YAY!

Anders 7 - med blommorHe got the most amazing gifts and lots of flowers. I had a gift too, of course.  I thought that he’d have some things that would let him enjoy his new life as a free man, stuff that he would be able to use when lying on the sofa, relaxing, looking at me working hard with my dissertation. LOL!  (With the notion that he’d only be able to relax for a month or so, after that, he will be forced to take care of EVERYTHING around our house… ) Instead of bringing the presents, I gave him a coupon book.

Mitt hjärta 1  Mitt hjärta 3Mitt hjärta 4 Mitt hjärta 5Mitt hjärta 6  Mitt hjärta 2He loves goood chocolate, single malt and music. So that’s what I gave him.  (And sorry for the colors, the orange totally goes crazy in the photos. Not really the way it looks in real life…).

Well, today I’m trying to recover. I had a migraine that started on Tuesday and finally let go yesterday morning even though I had slept like 2 hours... In time for the clean up of the party scene. LOL! I’m thanking God for good friends and fantastic family that helped me through the party with all the work, organizing and stuff. It ended up to be really nice and fun for my hubby. And that’s what counts!

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Wish you all a lovely Sunday!



Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, a well deserved congrats to your DH and of course to you standing by him. Just curious ... what was his dissertation about.
Love the coupon booklet which is of course is even more special because its for someone close to you.

~amy~ said...

congrats to your hubby!!!! That is fabulous news!

Love your project...gorgeous as always!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Lovely flowers- what a great coupon book, what a nice gift for your husband. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Unknown said...

Wow, congratulations! And a beautiful coupon book too!

Conchita said...

Congratulations, it's very very beatiful. Kisses

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