Vintage card and Macro mysteries

The CC over at Svensk Scrapbooking continues and I have finished a card following a beautiful sketch by Jozie. Tried to get a vintage style on it - I think it fits the Sarah Kay stamp. Love my Sarah Kay stamp, it's so much fun to color with all the little details. For this one I've used my distress ink.

Today I found the Macro function of my camera... heheee, I'm so NOT a photographer. But I've started to follow a weekly photo challenge over at the A Page in Time Forum, and I will learn a lot! Like today! :) Well, the challenge was to go Macro and take a photo of a garden visitor. The greatest challenge was to find a garden visitor. I've been hunting anything but the flies, snails and ants that frequent my garden en masse. I didn't do very well. This is what I ended up with. A freakin' shell of a snail...

I did have a wasp in my lense for like two seconds but when I finally had aimed, there were only the flowers left. But oh, what lovely flowers!!!

I think I'll have another go tomorrow. Can't settle with a shell, now can I???


Steph said...

Love the card Tesa! it's just gorgeous.

And your photos!! I love my Macro setting. Lol, I could sit for hours in the grass snapping pictures :)


ulrika_m said...

Oj då. Samma skiss som jag jobbar på hemma. Shit. Ditt kort är helt underbart. Jag knölar ihop mitt och börjar med en anna skiss ... (Nejdå, bara skojar. Skissen är fin och jag ska göra klart mitt kort ändå, hur chanslös jag än må vara! Försöker påminna mig själv att jag scrappar för min egen skull och inte för att vinna! he he he :))

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

oh wow! what a great job you have done with the coloring on this sweet image! fab card!