More stitching...

...but it will be the last one for a while. Promise. :)

These two are my furbabies. Kasper och Jesper. Jonathan is also my baby, but not as fury... (which will mean totally zip for my international readers who hasn't read or seen the story about the three sweet robbers from Kamomilla stad). Anyhoo, here they are, the two most silly guys in the world.
I did this layout for the 1WorldScrap blog, with a small tutorial showing how to do the stiching part. You can find it HERE if you are interested.
Update about mum: It's kind of bad. She is back at the hospital with severe complications. She's in pain and all we can do is hope they will get it under control. All good thoughts are welcome.


Teresa said...

The layout is beautiful Tesa!
My thoughts are with you and your mum - wishing her a speedy recovery.

aunt25 said...

those guys are adorable! Lots of prayers for your mom.

ulrika_m said...

Men åh så söta små marsvin, och vilken fin layout! Gillar verkligen din syteknik, ser spännande ut!