Yesterday I tried OPAH, that is taking One Photo An Hour. Saw it on a friends blog a while ago and it seemed to be a real fun project!

This is what my Tuseday February 26th 2008 looked like:

First sight was a boring and deserted corridor in a cellar at Hostel Fridhmesplan where I spend the night. It's a fairly good place, but I prefer NOT to sleep in a bunker. But if one does not book a decent room in time...


At work finally after a nice breakfast at a café and a trip with the slowest subway EVER. Fixing the tracks or something. Hmm. Walked from Odenplan which was really great since the house is as most beautiful from this direction.


Working. Reading the text for the seminar I'm attending to day. Answering mail. Lot of mail.


I'm on my way to Uppsala (where the seminar is) but stop by at the scrapbook store at Hötorget to buy some Heidi Swapp-stickers.


I'm commuting to Upplasa, passing Knivsta. Entertain myself with the seminar text once again. And also with eavesdropping my fellow commuters... I do that... And sometimes it is really funny, but more often annoying. Today I was listening to a women in the culture business and she was totally pretentious.


After a quick lunch at Bredbart where I got a nice chicken curry lasagne I'm on my way to Ecoomicum. Uppsala is grey and rainy and rather dull, but the castle is beautiful.

The seminar room.


Interesting discussions about risk management, financial crisis and bank runs.


On our way to the railway station with a couple of my colleagues. It is raining. But I saw some crocus in the flower beds and that felt both nice and really weird in February.


Sitting on a bus on my way to Enköping. I have difficulties reading seriuous stuff on busses, but checking out scrapbooking magazines works FINE! Totally in love with the dotted pp in the left corner. From FontWerks, with a discrete traveling theme and WONDERFUL colors. Anywhere to be found in Sweden???

I'm changing from bus to a train in Enköping.


Reading papers from our History students but starting to get tired. Thought I might document the wreck. Chek in that hairdo!!! That's what happens when wandering about in rain most of the day. Note to self: An umbrella in the bag is NOT a bad idea.


Some sudoku befor I totally droped off on the bus between Örebro and Karlstad. Very tired so I missed the time for the next photo. So now a little time jump to:


It is pure happiness to see the "HOME bus stop"!!! It's as dark and dull here as in Uppsala, but the darkness has some homey feeling here!


At home the recipies for a Swap was waiting for me. after some food I organized the swapp and went to bed about 23.00. Väl hemma låg sista receptet i en swapp och väntade på mig. Så efter lite mat och annat nödvändigt så sorterade jag den innan jag gick och lade mig runt 23.00.


Anonymous said...

Mycket intressant att se hur en dag är för dig. Både pappa och jag tycker det verkar väldigt jobbigt!
Men vi vet ju vilken uthållig dotter vi har...

SmultronPia said...

Vilken kul idé! Det måste jag tänka på att göra någon gång! Du verkar ha det hektiskt du me! :)

SusanneSj said...

Det var en kul idé.
Ha gott!

LadyDi said...

Lustigt, vaknade i morse och funderade på om jag skulle prova mig på att göra en EFIT och kikar jag in här och ser att du tänkt samma sak. Kul att följa din dag, men oj vad det verkade hektiskt. Kram D

~:Johanna:~ said...

Å en liten bild från Enköping. På tal om Enköping så kommer jag att hålla i en liten scrapträff lördagen den 19 april. Om du inte bor alltför långt bort kanske du vill komma. Maila mig om du vill ha mer info j_nylund@yahoo.com

Tack för fin inspiration

// Johanna

Tracey said...

This is such a good idea for a challenge, thanks for the insight into a day in the life of Tesa, happy weekend hon XXX

AgilityIG said...

Very good idea Tesa - it's like spending a day with you. Love seeing another country. I think you need to get that paper too!! LOL

tonya said...

Thanks for sharing that. I really should do it too. Just gotta get another point and shoot. (I ran over mine with my car)

Irene aka scrapperlicious said...

This is so cool! Are you going to do a page with all these pics?