…is something I haven’t had time to do much later. But my son is constantly in some intriguing play or another. We live in his play. A huge battle is taking place on the hallway. A pirate ship is on it’s way to the sofa. The other day I found the remnants of something including loads of pez and his shoes (?) on our dinner table. But mom! They were essential for my play. And I did put the shoes on newspapers…

Play This is my sample page for the challenge I gave my friend Li-bee ti. We are exchanging challenges with each other, trying to make the other go beyond her scrapbook style. We also need to make our own challenge, hence this page. And I can tell you, she has a really tough one for me…. And I will be back with that one. Some day… LOL! My challenge is:

Theme - Everyday life! I’ve been walking on Lego for years. But I’ve been really bad documenting it. But when I found the shoes on my kitchen table, I simply had to take a photo or two.

Sketch - Choose one you like! And I loved this week’s Scrapbook Challenges sketch #202.

Colors - Monochromatic! One neutral is ok. BUT NO CARDSTOCK! This is my toughie for Li-bee ti . Muhahaahaaa… LOL! It’s my revenge for the purple, kraft and orange color combo. I use blue and with accents of light brown.

Technique - Layers, layers, layers. Layered papers, layered ribbons and layered buttons.

Tools/supply - We need us some ribbon and lace and do use your scissors in a creative way! I used my scalloped scissors for a border and cut out a kite. Maybe not overly creative, but I did use the scissors…

Play detalj

I’m off for work. Thank you so much for stopping by!!!



Irena said...

Very beautiful page, lovely papers, wonderful details.
Thank you for the wonderful wishes that you wrote me!
Have a wonderful day!

Carolyn V said...

Wonderful page Tesa. I admire your work so much... it's so whimsical and creative. :)

li-bee-ti said...

You are simply THE BEST!
This lo is awesome! And your challenge is really tough one for me! It's one thing monochromatic, but no cardstock?!! You sure had a sweet revenge....LOL

I loved all your layers, especially the button one. very creative.
The "butterfly" embellishments on the kite's tail are so cute.

But most of all I enjoyed reading the story behind the page. I guess that is what your journaling about. So sweet, and a real memory keeping lo.

Cindy Gay said...

Pretty colors. Nice embellishments.

Gurkiss Scrappande said...

Himla läcker LO *nickar* :)

Kram Gurkiss

Rose said...

how fun to challenge each other!! your boy is too funny girl :) fantastic page!!