Yet another wedding LO

This page is about the curch! We married in my childhood church and I thought it was the obvious choice. But when walking the isle, this looooong isle, seeing the heads of our relatives and friends way over there, I realized it is a HUGE church, and when having a small family weddning like ours, a smaller one would have been great... Anyway, I love my childhood church and everytime when we go home to my parents, both of us smile when we see her on the hill looking out over the village giving us happy memories. It's the perfect church for us.

I´ve turned into a real sketch addict. This time I've used the Pencil Lines #92

We never got to hang wallpapers yesterday since the wallpaper was not delivered. But I just got them, so tomorrow I know EXACTLY what dear husband is going to do! Hee hee.


Limaye said...

fantastic LO, i love the colors you used !

Anonymous said...

Såååååååå fint!

kicken said...

Sååå underbart snygg lo!
Färgerna är så snygga!
Kramizzz Kicken
ps, i morron kommer mamma med raken jag vann!!!ds

Elzie said...

Jag måtte vara otroligt dum i huvet som inte kan uppfatta den där utmaningen!!! Snälla berätta för mig *s*.
Kram Elzie

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

This is stunning!! Love it in every way!

StrawberryPia said...

Jättehärlig lo!! Underbara färger och snyggt foto! Du får alltid till det Tesa! /Pia

domestic goddess said...

stunning layout!