One photo every hour, EFIT

Sooo, time for yet another challenge in our Stonehenge group. This time the challenge is to document an ordinary day and make a multipic LO out of it. I choose to take one photo every hour this day, the 1th of July.

But first I have a card to share. A friend told me the other day: You won on the cyber crop on Svensk Scrapbooking. Ehhh, I said. NO, that could not be me. But it WAS!!! Totally surprised and totally happy I won a set of stamps in the "Paper piecing and stamping challenge". This is my first try with paper piecing and it was a lot of fun.

The Good luck card is for one of my Stonehenge sisters who is going to open a webshop selling Swedish Magnolia stamps. Wohoo!!!

Time for the challenge. This is my day July 1th 2008:

I'm an early bird! LOL! Woke DH up for work and he gave me a nice pair of earrings on our weddingday. And I also had my lovely cup of cappuccino and morning paper.

06.54 Stared at a couple of sketches and realized my flow was all gone!


Did some blogging and took a round on Scrapbook.com.

08.00 Woke my dear son up. Can't sleep all day! LOL!


The doorbell rang and on my stairs stood a nice postman with a big package of scrapbook supplies. Most of them for my mum, but some papers for me! YAY!!!


Started the big cleaning of J's room. Sorting ALL HIS TOYS took quite some time... Children of today have way too much stuff!

11.16 A well deserved break in the garden. Some coffee, some sun and some smelling at the roses.


DONE, all the stuff is neatly placed in boxes in the shelf under the bed.


Off for a bicycle trip. Both for fun and to do some errands.

14.38 We reached our goal, the old houses and the park in the outskirts of Forshaga. J had been there with school and gave me a guided tour before we had some lemonade and a cookie.


Baking a cake.

17.50 Nice dinner with a cold beer in the garden.


Eating the cake we baked earlier. In the shape of a heart and without icin sugar since we were out. (Had these nice masks I was going to use, but hey, I'll save them...)

Allsång på Skansen - one of J's favourite TV-shows. And he is not alone, most people seem to whatch this show every tuseday night.


Staring at my card whishing I had my flow back. Didn't do that for long, went to bed instead.

The End.


Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious said...

What an awesome and rich day!! Mine is going to be sooo boring...lol! Love your card too! It's so cute!

Anonymous said...

Oj så spännande att se allt som vi pratat om!! Blommorna och hjärtana var jättefina! Vilka fina kort! Ja de var mycket fint, tusen tack för titten.

Anonymous said...

Satan i gatan vad fint det första kortet var!
Så härliga träd!


dragonflys said...

some great family and life photo's the cake look's so yum