I made a purscard a while ago. I've recieved a lot of nice comments but also questions about how to make it. I followed an excellent article by Linda Truedsson, published at the Swedish scrapbooking forum Scrappiz.

With the premission of Linda I have linked the "how to" article and translated it into English: http://www.scrappiz.se/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=102&Itemid=6 It has great pictures. I appologize in advance for bad translation. If you get lost - don't hesitate to contact me!!!
1. Start with a paper e.g. 6 x 12
2. Fold it in the middle with the side of the paper which will be the outside of the finished purse faced inwards.
3. Fold the paper again on both sides of the middle, approx. 0,7-0,8 inch from the middle.
4. Cut off 1,5 inch on one of the short sides, and fold the other side just as much - that will be the lid of the purse.
Done with the folding part - now you get on with decorating it in any way you want. I created a very simple lock by ataching a ribbon to the purse and wind it around the flower.

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