Who ordered more snow???

Just a quick one on my way to work. Here is my second Scrap Fever challenge design using one of the pics I took the other day when the snow was heavy upon us (and I got a tiny winy littly crazy about it).
The journaling on the photo reads "Will it never END???"

The challenge was to go yellow, orange and blue (with the possibility to use som white and black). Today I'm having a deadline. Wohoo.


Vintage card

I'm suffering from Scrap Fever! 12 challenging challenges to be completed this comming month using a fab competition kit from Magda's . The first one for me was to go Vintage. That's a new thing for me. Tried a couple of ATC's ages ago, but... Well, a lot of "lull lull" was my plan and this is the end result:


Where did SPRING go???

I'm standing here clueless. I lost my spring. Two weeks ago life was fine, weather great and me and J took a long walk looking for signs of spring (except the perfectly blue sky, the WARM sun and all the birds singing). I was so happy I had to do a page about it, it's an attempt to a clean and simple look. It's done for 1WorldScrap's last newsletter using a lovely sketch by Dalis.

Now, this is what it looks like. Well it looked like this twenty minutes ago. By now I guess there is even more snow.

Sorry, but I am NOT HAPPY about this. I guess a cold glass of white wine and som scrap time could make me in a better mood. Soon. *lol*

This makes me in a good mood too. Looking at dear son having his birthday cake.
And this:
A night at the LSS with the lovely DT ladies. Lot's of fun!!!

Have a beautiful weekend! (we will be having snow).


My boy...

...makes my heart sing! I've scrapped a couple of my favourite photos from last year's vacation. I've used a photo from this moment before (on my first ever published LO - this month's issue of Scrapbooking mm) but I felt I wanted to use them again. It's not the photos, but the moment that is so special. I can feel the warmth, the joy and the creativity I sensed then only by looking at these images.

I've used Pencil Lines sketch #125 for this one. Aaaand some gorgeous Pink Paislee.

I visited mum this weekend, It was sooooo good to see her! She is doing ok, but we don't really know the outcome of this yet - thank you all for well wishes!!! I also took my two nieces out for a lunch date. Instead for an energetic girl, her mother got a vicious tiger back. She said same, same, but different. LOL!

Going to bed early. Tomorrow is Stockholm day. Wohoo.


I'm going home...

...to visit my mum over the weekend. She is in hospital still, and will continue to be so for a while. She got the so called "hospital disease", which means she got extra nasty antibiotica resistent germs in her eye while at operation. And it's bad.

So instead of a crop with friends over at A Page in Time I'll be hugging mum and eating a nice dinner with dad tonight. That feels good.

The second and last card I took over from my mum is done. And well, I don't know. It's a card celebrating 50 years of marriage, and i thought I'd use some gold to enhance that fact. It's done. That is a relief.
The revival of our recipe swap has generated a bunch of delicious and gorgeous recipe cards, delivered in our mailboxes yesterday. Here is mine.
I wish you all a lovely weekend!


Pink Paislee...

...is a huge favourite of mine. Right now I'm playing with some of the new lines but this one is a layout I did for 1WorldScrap a while ago with their Pink Paislee Sweet sakes Valentines kit. I love the colors on this one!
För övrigt har jag svårt att smälta lördagens schlagerfinal. Uppenbarligen är La Voix en fantastisk låt. Jag har bara inte förstått det än. Jag kanske kommer till insikt så småningom. Det roligaste över huvud taget måste ändå Ryska ambassadens reaktion på Tingelingnumret vara... Jag satt och bad för mig själv när det showades för fullt att måtte de ha humor och självdistans samt förståelse för ironi, de där ryssarna. Men nix. Inte ett spår. Intervjun med pressattachén är nog bland det mest underhållande jag hört... Möjligen med undantag av Annika Lantzs utvikningar om Wallenbergs intervju. En klassiker!


A quick one

Yesterday night I did a card to help out my mum. She sells cards and painted glass, but now beeing on the hospital, she can't fulfill some of her committments. I can't do much about the glass, but I might make a card or two. LOL! BUT, this is the first time ever I make a card for someone I don't know and that was really SCARY. I have no idea if it's even close to what they want (except the colors which were supposed to be pink and dark red). I used the beautiful CPS sketch #106.
Today it's MIL day, and tonight it's the Swedish Song Contest finals. Go SARAH!!!


More stitching...

...but it will be the last one for a while. Promise. :)

These two are my furbabies. Kasper och Jesper. Jonathan is also my baby, but not as fury... (which will mean totally zip for my international readers who hasn't read or seen the story about the three sweet robbers from Kamomilla stad). Anyhoo, here they are, the two most silly guys in the world.
I did this layout for the 1WorldScrap blog, with a small tutorial showing how to do the stiching part. You can find it HERE if you are interested.
Update about mum: It's kind of bad. She is back at the hospital with severe complications. She's in pain and all we can do is hope they will get it under control. All good thoughts are welcome.



...kan komma plötsligt och det är riktigt, riktigt otrevligt. Min kära mor opererades igår och nu går vi och hoppas innerligt på ett gott resultat. Ett litet kryapådig-kort gjorde jag i går, och använde veckans skiss från 2Sketches4You.

My mum's retina suddenly decided to let go and within a couple of days my mum was faced with the possibility to go blind on one eye. She had an emergency surgery yesterday and now we are all hoping for the best, waiting for the result. I've made her a get well card using the lovely sketch of the week at the 2Sketches4You blog.



I won one of the weekly challenges over at the AdThis blog a while ago and besides a prize, I was also invited to be this week's guest designer. The ad this week is great (check it out on the AdThis blog HERE) and the twist is to use at least two different masks. There is a prize too!!!
It's so much fun working with masks. I used three homemade ones and different shades of Distress Ink. I really like how the title turned out, I printed Midsummer with the font Bauhaus 93 and cut it out with my crafts knife (moments like this, I sure wish I had a Silhouette) and used a sponge to color it in.

The hand stiching is inspired by Scrapperlicious, who sent me a wonderful christmas card using this technique. I've been thinking about using it ever since. And now I will have to use it some more!

Back to work!


Min första tutorial...

...eller nåt. Jag har i alla fall försökt visa hur förbenat bra min nya kärlek Tombowpennorna är på Annas Scrapbookings blogg. Det är betydligt lättare att måla än att skriva om att måla...

I've tried to do my first ever tutorial and it's about using the amazing Tombow pens. It's all published over at Anna's Scrapbooking's blog but I must say it's waaaay more easy to paint than to write about how to paint...
Som så ofta innebär helg också födelsedagskalas för sonen. Och kort har det blivit, ett enkelt sådant, gjort efter skissen på SCS. Med en riktig favoritstämpel (men nu tror jag de flesta fått ett kort med den så nu får jag kanske snart gå vidare...)

Weekend means birthday party, and this time I used one of my fav stamps from Inkido. The card is inspired by the sketch of the week over at SCS.
Och så har jag gjort en gäst-DT layout för en utmaningsblogg. Här är en liten tjuvtitt. Mer kommer på måndag.
And finally a sneek peek - a guest DT layout for a challenge blog which will be published on Monday. I really, really like how this one turned out which is a rare thing.
Have a lovely Weekend!!! And thanks for stopping by!


Mars månadskit...

...hos Annas Scrapbooking har landat. Och det är fullmatat med bland annat papper från Inkido. Jag har rotat fram några foton från J's dagisperiod som tar upp det gula i pappren. Har hur mycket foton från dagis som helst, så det var kul att få några scrappade. Designen är inspirerad av veckans annons i utmaningsbloggen AdThis. Twisten var att stämpla all journaling och titel.
Anna har också fått hem Tombowpennor, och jag är lycklig! De är så himla roliga och lätta att färglägga med och man klarar sig långt på några stycken genom att de kan blandas ut med vatten och man får hela spektrat från riktigt ljust till mörkt.